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Founded by Gary Wertheimer in 2007, GIW is a multi-disciplinary team of passionate sustainable design professionals. We work closely with our clients in order to deliver streamlined solutions, approaching every project with the utmost professionalism, diligence and commitment in the delivery of ESD services.

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Team GIW

GIW Environmental Solutions - Gary Wertheimer (Profile)

Gary Wertheimer


B.App Sci (Construction Management).
MSc.Renewable Energy & Architecture. (UK)

Gary Wertheimer is an ESD consultant with broad experience in the areas of statutory planning ESD Reporting submissions, Regulatory compliance reporting and existing building retrofits. Gary has built up a wealth of knowledge, experience and industry rapport based on a proven track record of delivering ESD excellence.

Given his background in project and development management, Gary is acutely aware of the total development process. He has solid working knowledge of the Building Act, Regulations and NCC, and is well attuned to delivering consulting services to the highest professional standard. He leads a multi-disciplinary ESD consultancy passionate about delivering tangible expressions of ESD within the built environment.

GIW Environmental Solutions - Ines Buskermolen (Profile)

Ines Buskermolen

Associate Director

B.Sc (Science, Business and Innovation)
M.Sc (Sustainable development)

Ines Buskermolen is an ESD consultant with experience in sustainability consulting, renewable energy technologies, lifecycle assessments and innovation management. Ines brings to the team an expertise in state-of-the-art and future ESD technologies.

Ines has been involved in multiple successful town planning applications. She contributes to early stage design review, identifies inherent ESD opportunities that are both economically feasible and sustainable. During this process, she engages with all involved sub consultants to achieve a well-balanced and practical result. She has developed expertise in sustainable reporting and BESS assessments. Ines has contributed to the development of the BESS tool and continues to be involved to optimise the use and performance of the tool.

GIW Environmental Solutions - Niraj Patel (Profile)

Niraj Patel

Technical Lead - ESD

B.Eng (Mechanical)
M.Eng. (Sustainable Energy)

Niraj Patel is an ESD Engineer with experience in services engineering on large scale commercial building projects. He is driven by a passion for energy efficiency and green building technologies. Niraj has developed an expertise in building simulation energy modelling including JV3, energy auditing, NABERS assessments and existing buildings retrofit design solutions.

Niraj offers a technical expertise in research, analysis and appropriate adoption of innovative engineering design solutions and system technologies. In particular, he has an aptitude for architectural integration of renewable energy technologies, energy efficient services, natural ventilation and solar control strategies. He has developed experience in a variety of property sectors including some of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings. He has had particular exposure to multi-unit residential and aged care developments. Additionally, many of projects that he has been involved with have required Green Star design or assessment. As part of his Masters program, Niraj completed a research project with the support of AIRAH on the effectiveness of co/tri-generation systems in commercial buildings.


Kate Ellul

Senior ESD Consultant

B.Env.Sc. (Sustainability and Management)
M. (Energy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings)

Kate Ellul is an ESD consultant with a focus on sustainable architecture and environmental sciences. She is driven by her passion for enhancing the built environment to provide occupants with comfortable and efficient spaces.

Kate continues to enhance her knowledge of the built environment through further university study and a passion for health and wellbeing within the built environment. She is a WELL accredited professional and wishes to apply this expertise within all projects to further enhance the built environment experience.


Mareena Saleem

Senior ESD Engineer

B.Eng. (Mechanical)
M. (Energy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings)

Mareena Saleem is an ESD Engineer with experience in building services and environmental engineering. ESD has provided the means to merge her passion for both sustainability and engineering.

Mareena has been involved within town planning applications through to building simulation energy modelling and Section J assessments. Through her passion she continues to develop a wide and thorough understanding of these processes.


Krunal Vyas

ESD Engineer

Bachelor of Technology (Chemical Engineering)

Masters of Engineering (Sustainable Energy)


(Sam) Aminath Samaha

ESD Consultant


Sachini Sarathchandra

ESD Engineer


Joyce Dong

ESD Consultant


Melanie Lim

Accounts Receivable


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