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BCA Section J Energy Efficiency Compliance Reporting was mandated for all new Class 2 – 9 buildings in the BCA 2006.

ESD consultants have become an integral part of any new development project. BCA Section J is a technical document requiring expertise of suitably qualified consultants.  ESD consultant’s provide advice with regards to the building’s design and appropriate material nominations. This enables the building surveyor to verify that the subject building has been appropriately assessed and complies with the required Regulations prior to issuing a Building Permit.

ESD consultants offer Deemed-to-Satisfy Reporting and Alternative Solution Reporting including Expert Judgement, Verification Method JV3 (Energy Modelling); Comparison with the DTS Provisions and Evidence of Suitability.

The benefit of this comprehensive service offering is that ESD consultants can guide Clients from the outset as to which assessment method will be most suitable to achieve Section J Compliance. This integrated approach reduces the likelihood of double handling between consultant groups.

At GIW, we have been involved in the provision of BCA Section J reporting since its inception.
We provide a detailed account of the relevant provisions and deliver specific system nominations and design recommendations to best achieve compliance. This integrated value engineered approach can provide a well strategized response and be financially beneficial to our Clients.