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Last year’s Victorian Housing statement set out an ambitious plan: to construct 60,000 additional homes in 10 major activity centres. These hubs, where people gather to work, live, and socialise, offer essential amenities to address urgent housing needs. Frankston is one such centre.

At GIW we’re taking the early steps toward realising this vision with the urban renewal project at 59-61 Playne Street. The current double-storey commercial building will be transformed into an 8-level, mixed-use development featuring 60 one- and two-bedroom apartments with ground-level retail spaces. This project will help meet Frankston’s crucial need for urban housing development in its major activity centre.

The services that Frankston offers underscore its suitability for fostering vibrant, inclusive communities. Located 40km from the CBD and a short stroll from the beach, public transport, parks, and shops, our project aims to promote these communities and enhance liveability by providing high-density, strategically located homes for convenient amenity access.

Designing compact, walkable urban neighbourhoods is crucial for Frankston, connecting residents to a wide array of amenities while reducing emissions and promoting healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. In delivering 60 apartments on one site, we are not only addressing the urgent demand for the ‘missing middle’ in our housing market for liveability and affordability but also contributing to the creation of a truly sustainable major activity centre.

Smarter urban planning will help us achieve such sustainability. However, more development like this is needed to keep up the momentum in urban development and strengthen Frankston’s urban centre. Despite repeated delays in improvement plans over the decades, Frankston remains poised to embrace positive development opportunities.