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The Nordic countries have always been at the forefront of integrating sustainability in the built environment. Taking a holistic approach to sustainability by linking the social, environmental and economic dimensions while delivering high quality and aesthetically pleasing design. Nordic Built has bundled 30 best practice examples of innovative and sustainable projects in Scandinavia, addressing retrofits, new built and different types of uses.

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Similar to Australia, the Nordic countries have introduced 10 sustainability principles “The Charter” that are used to guide and challenge the industry to innovate. The Charter was launched in 2012 and consists of the following principles.

We will create a built environment that:

  1. Is made for people and promotes quality of life
  2. Pushes the limits of sustainable performance, as a result of our innovative mind-set and high level of knowledge
  3. Merges urban living with the qualities of nature
  4. Achieves zero emissions over its lifecycle
  5. Is functional, smart and aesthetically appealing, building on the best of the Nordic design tradition
  6. Is robust, durable, flexible and timeless – built to last
  7. Utilises local resources and is adapted to local conditions
  8. Is produced and maintained through partnerships founded on transparent collaboration across borders and disciplines
  9. Employs concepts that are scalable and used globally
  10. Profits people, business and the environment

The Nordic countries are setting a leading example of visionary principles that result in highly efficient and future proof developments – ranging from green spines throughout a building to sustainable prisons to flexible interiors. Why start from scratch when you can learn from the best.