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GIW Environmental Solutions has received a formal response from the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) – Building Codes Committee (BCC) in relation to the Proposals for Change (PFC) to the National Construction Code (NCC) – Section J Energy Efficiency Provisions (2014).

From the initial eleven Proposals for Change (PFC) submissions a total of eight have been considered. PFC’s excluded from consideration include Item 3A – Part J2.1: “Application of Part” confirmed to be included in the upcoming amendments for consideration in the draft NCC 2013 Volume One; and Item 1A – Part J0.2 which at the recommendation of the BCC is to be directed to the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency for further consideration.

The PFC’s which have been considered are titled as follows:

2012-2-6 – Glazing in Class 9c
2012-2-7 – Glazing Calculator Method No.2
2012-2-10 – Insulating Concrete Columns
2012-2-11 – Modifying Adjustment Values
2012-2-12 – Plenum Air Returns
2012-2-13 – Heat Flow Directions
2012-2-14 – Spandrel Glazing Insulation
2012-2-16 – Facade Area Calculation

The BCC response to the PFC’s is available for viewing: DOWNLOAD PDF